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Vespa Sidecar / Sespan Vespa

Vespark Sidecar

Due to popular demand from customers, we also supply custom made Vespa sidecar for all types of Piaggio and Vespa. We can ship around Indonesia and overseas for export. We have shipped to Barcelona, Iran, Dubai etc…

Right side or Left side available, please see more pictures below:

Sidecar Specifications:

The sidecar is made from fiberglass for light weight and comes complete with wheel, connecting plate customized to the Piaggio / Vespa scooters.

Our sidecar use a removable but strong connecting plate to connect to your Vespa, hence not permanent so you can easily remove the sidecar when needed.

Our sidecar is 155cm long and 55cm wide, when fitted with frame and wheels, sidecar is 105cm wide.

Long Legroom & Strong

Our sidecar is build for large adults, long legroom for tall passengers 1.9m or 100kg can seat comfortably inside. Technically, our sidecar is strong enough to carry over 300kg of load.

You can even fit an adult with young children inside our sidecar, see this video of a family of 4 riding our Vespa Sidecar.

Vespa sidecar riding adult
*Vespa Sprint Celebrity Sidecar Riding*


Rear and front driving lights are provided including rear turn signal for safety riding. Wirings are already included to connect to existing lights.

Compartment & Rear View

A rear lockable compartment for you to keep your bags/helmets, seat cover or other shopping.

vespa gts sidecar -rear
Vespa GTS right sidecar with compartment


Seats & Armrest

Synthetic leather seat will be matched with your Vespa seats. Matching Armrest is also available

vespa sidecar seat
Vespa Primavera Sidecar Matching Seat & Armrest

Optional Seat Cover

Our sidecar is weatherproof, rain water that gets in will not flood the sidecar, it will drip off.

Optional seat cover for your sidecar is available to cover up the seat from weather or keep things out of sight if you want to carry things inside.

vespa sidecar seat cover
*Vespa Primavera sidecar with armrest & seat cover*
vespa sidecar seat cover
*Vespa Primavera sidecar with armrest & seat cover*

vespa sidecar seat cover
*Vespa GTS sidecar with armrest & seat cover*


vespa gts sidecar blue
*Vespa GTS sidecar with armrest & seat cover*

Adjustable Windshield / Windscreen

An acrylic adjustable windscreen for wind and weather protection for passengers. Windscreen can be folded down for easier access in and out of sidecar or removed for a sportier look.

*Vespa LX sidecar with windshield*

Foot Step for Easy Access

Our sidecar comes with a foot step for easy access

Vespa sidecar footstep
*Vespa sidecar footstep*

Optional Wheels for Sidecar

We can match the wheels for your sidecar with original Vespa wheels/rims according to the Vespa you order (if available in our country)

The standard sidecar wheel is 10″ classic type. Please specify the model of your Vespa and wheel option.

Vespa LXV sidecar 10" classic wheel
*Vespa LXV sidecar 10″ classic wheel*


Vespa Primavera with custom black Primavera 11" wheel
*Vespa Primavera with custom black Primavera 11″ wheel*


vespa gts chrome wheel sidecar
*Vespa gts chrome wheel sidecar*


Types of Sidecar

We only have one sidecar capsule design which we have designed to suit all types of Vespa. However, there is a difference in the fittings for different models of Vespa. Please let us know which Vespa model you will be ordering from us. The price will be the same, we just have to give you the right fittings. We can cater for all types of Vespa or even other makes/brands of scooters.

As a general guide, for modern Vespa, the fittings are:

  • GTS / GTV
  • Primavera / Sprint
  • LX, S, LXV
  • Classics PX, others please let us know your models

Right Side or Left Side Sidecar

Depending on your traffic rules in your country, we can make right side or left side sidecar for export.

Right sidecar for Export to Europe, Middle East with Primavera 11″ wheel


In picture: This is a right-side sidecar for export to Iran/Dubai (JEA), this is a white sidecar with Primavera wheels, we tested it on Sprint/Primavera (same type) before shipping.

vespa sidecar sespan
*Vespa Primavera Red Right Sidecar & Vespa Sprint Orange Left Sidecar*

In picture: The red Vespa Primavera sidecar in on the right side of the Vespa. The Orange Vespa Primavera sidecar is on the left side of the Vespa.

*Vespa GTS Right Sidecar & Vespa Sprint Left Sidecar*

In picture: The grey-green Vespa GTS sidecar in on the right side of the Vespa. The Orange Vespa Primavera sidecar is on the left side of the Vespa. (photo is without windshield for sporty look)

We can make sidecar for right hand drive or left hand drive and can ship the sidecar to all countries. Please specify which side you prefer your sidecar. Click to Contact us

For sidecar enquiry, please email to bobby(at)

NB: Please note, the sidecar is made locally by Vespark (Vespark Sidecar)

Production and Stock

Please enquire for stock and production. We usually have some left sidecar in stock and will take about 3 weeks for painting, leather and tests before delivery. For Indonesia cities, it usually take about 7-10 days to deliver. We can organize with your local Vespa dealer for fitment.

For right sidecar, we will need another 4 weeks for production and 4 weeks to get ready including packing. Total 8 weeks order time. Fitting instructions will be included.

You can browse our blog on the latest Vespa Sidecar also known as Vespa Sespan


Packing for Export

We pack our sidecar with care for export:

Sidecar will be in 4 parts:

  1. Sidecar capsule is already attached to frame for simple fitment
  2. Windshield Acrylic
  3. Wheels already fitted with tyre
  4. Connecting Plate

Fitting instructions will be provided, there are only 4 screws to fit the sidecar. Any workshop can fit this for you. For Indonesia, we can contact local Vespa dealers to help you connect the sidecar.


  • All parts Wrapped with bubble wrapping and cardboard wrapping
  • Wheels, windshield and connecting plate placed inside capsule
  • Boxed up with wood, fumigated for export
  • Size of packing 173cm long, 103cm wide, 92cm high total 2 (cubic meter) at GW 130kg, NW 65kg

Here are some photos of our packing for export

vespa sidecar export packing
*Vespa Sidecar Packing for Export*

You can browse our blog on the latest Vespa Sidecar also known as Vespa Sespan

You can browse our blog on the latest Vespa Sidecar also known as Vespa Sespan

Please contact us for a detailed quotation Click to Contact us