Vespa Sidecar

Due to popular demand from customers, we also supply custom made Vespa sidecar for all types of Piaggio and Vespa.

The sidecar is made from fiberglass for light weight and comes complete with wheel, brackets customized to the Piggio / Vespa scooters. Brackets are easily removable and not permanent so you can remove the sidecar when needed. Synthetic leather seat will be matched with your Vespa seats. An acrylic adjustable windscreen for wind and weather protection for passengers. Rear and front lights also provided including rear turn signal for safety riding. A rear lockable compartment for you to keep your bags/helmets or other stuff.

We can make sidecar for right hand drive or left hand drive and can ship the sidecar to all countries. Please specify which side you prefer your sidecar. Click to Contact us

NB: Please note, the sidecar is made locally by Vespark

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vespa sidecar sespan