Vespa iGet Engine

Vespa NEW iGet Engine 2016 (Green Experience Technology)

Piaggio will be introducing its new engine code name iGet for several of its new motorbikes. iGet engine is known as the Green Experience Technology.

This year in Indonesia, Piaggio already has a lined up of new Piaggio Liberty, Piaggio Medley, Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint will get the new iGet engine launching in May – June 2016. The Primavera v70, special 70th anniversary limited edition will also launched with new iGet engine in August 2016.

Piaggio akan mengeluarkan engine terbaru dengan nama iGet – yaitu Green Experience Technology.

Tahun ini, Piaggio akan luncurkan mesin iGet ini di beberapa motor termasuk, new Piaggio Liberty, Piaggio Medley, Vespa Primavera dan Vespa Sprint di bulan Mei-Juni 2016. Vespa Primavera v70, spesial limited edition, edisi HUT Vespa 70 tahun juga akan di luncurkan di bulan Augustus dengan mesin iGet.


  • New Fuel Injection System with Barometric Sensor, next generation fuel injector, Bosch Sensor
  • New Crank Shaft
  • New Starter Motor
  • New Airbox
  • Optimized Transmission
  • New PWT Aluminium Suspension
  • New high volume Exhaust Muffler
  • Power Up
  • Much Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Reduced Engine Vibration
  • Improved Engine SOund Quality
  • Reduced Emission

Some of the new features of new Vespa Primavera iGet 150 a 2016