VESPARK is the official dealer of Piaggio Vespa for Medan and North Sumatra. We have a 3S full scale flagship dealership in the heart of Medan. Our aim is to provide the best service and facility for all our customers and Vespa riders.



The name VESPARK comes from our love for Vespa and wanting to share this love with everyone in Medan and beyond with a “Park” facility where we have a large compound / park for community gathering as well as regular Vespa displays/showoffs. There are Vespa Art applications around the park for everyone to take photos of Vespa and share this legendary Italian brand. Our aim is to become the destination in Medan for everyone who loves Vespa, whether riders or not. Please read up on Why Buy Vespa, for price of Vespa in Indonesia, please click on Harga Vespa Indonesia


To be the best performing Piaggio Vespa dealer in Indonesia in the eyes of Piaggio as well as our customers, the Vespa Owners.


  • Providing the most up to date information and news about Vespa through the use of our website and social media to Vespa community.
  • Building a a good relationship with Vespa community members and owners through regular events and invitations to VESPARK.
  • Providing the best service for sales and after-sales for our customers, obtaining the best customer satisfaction of the industry.
  • Achieving our sales target that meets the targets of Piaggio Indonesia.
  • Maintaining a clean and safe working environment for our staff and a comfortable friendly showroom for our customers.

beli Vespa Medan

Name of Company: PT Garda Depan Indonesia

For all payment, please transfer or deposit to our legal account:

  • BCA account 0225-191919 name: PT Garda Depan Indonesia
  • Bank Mandiri Account 105-00-09-545454 name: PT Garda Depan Indonesia

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