VESPARK is the official dealer of Piaggio Vespa for Medan and North Sumatra. We have a 3S full scale flagship dealership in the heart of Medan since 2014. Our aim is to provide the best service and facility for all our customers and Vespa riders.

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The name VESPARK comes from our love for Vespa and wanting to share this love with everyone in Medan and beyond with a “Park” facility where we have a large compound / park for community gathering as well as regular Vespa displays. There are Vespa Art applications around the park for everyone to take photos of Vespa and share this legendary Italian brand. Our aim is to become the destination in Medan for everyone who loves Vespa, whether riders or not. Please read up on Why Buy Vespa, for price of Vespa in Indonesia, please click on Harga Vespa Indonesia

Our Company and Mission

  • PT Garda Depan Indonesia (famously known as Vespark / Vesparkindo in Medan) was founded in 2014 as an authorized dealer for Piaggio and Vespa brands from Piaggio Italy and official distributor for Piaggio Indonesia
  • We have serviced our local customers in Medan and North Sumatra for almost a decade and now has expanded to open a flagship Motoplex 4 brands dealership, the one and only, first Motoplex for North Sumatra Indonesia.
  • Our mission is to continuously improve ourselves and grow with Piaggio Group to sincerely serve our customers with quality products from Piaggio Group. We try our very best to provide the best experience to our customers from their first ownership, maintaining throughout their ownership and build a good relationship/friendship with our customers.
  • Our sales consultants will help customers in their decision to purchase their first or even second/third bike in anyway we can.
  • Our trained, skilled mechanics will make sure to help maintain the bikes in top condition the best.
  • Our marketing team will provide useful and educational updates about Piaggio products via our social media. Read more about our media coverage

Name of Company: PT Garda Depan Indonesia

For all payment, please transfer or deposit to our legal account:

Untuk segala pembayaran deposit, uang muka, silakan transfer ke rekening perusahaan tersebut dibawah, jangan lakukan transfer ke rekening lainnya selain rekening perusahaan kami.

  • BCA account 0225-191919 name: PT Garda Depan Indonesia
  • Bank Mandiri Account 105-00-09-545454 name: PT Garda Depan Indonesia

NB: Untuk menghindari penipuan dari pihak luar yang mungkin melayani anda atas nama perusahaan kami, kami menghimbau seluruh pelanggan untuk transaksi via rekening bank resmi PT kami tertera dibawah. Semua transaksi DP, uang muka, servis, produk dan unit wajib ke rekening PT kami. Kami tidak akan bertanggung jawab jika transaksi di luar rekening PT tersebut.

Contact us for Test ride dan cek harga terbaru dengan sales consultant kami. cek halaman contact

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