Vespa PX

Vespa PX 150: Vespa 70th Anniversary Limited Edition

Vespa PX selalu di masukan ke Indonesia dengan jumlah terbatas, di tahun 2012 dan 2015, PX yang di import langsung dari Italy ini merupakan barang mewah, classic/retro dan di incar oleh collector. Setiap kali masuk ke Indonesia, PX selalu sold out karena jumlah terbatas di 25 unit. Harga PX selalu naik dari tahun ke tahun. Vespa PX akan di discontinue pada tahun 2016 dan edisi Settantesimo 70 tahun ini ini adalah Vespa PX terakhir di rilis. Baca history Vespa PX



Emblem Vespa 70 tahun

Vespa PX 150 Limited edition ini akan menjadi collector item di seluruh dunia. Import langsung dari Italy, Vespa PX ini akan hadir di Indonesia di bulan Agustus. Kesempatan untuk order limited edition ini hanya sampai 18 April 2016 dan barang terbatas. Ini merupakan kesempatan yang istimewah untuk memiliki bukan hanya Vespa PX limited edition tetapi yang 70 tahun anniversary Vespa! Jangan lewatkan!

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VESPA ANNIVERSARY It was in 1946 that the first Vespa, the legendary 98 cc, rolled out of the Pontedera works. For its seventieth anniversary Piaggio Group is paying tribute to the best loved scooter of all time with a special version.

The irrepressible Vespa PX is celebrating this important milestone with an exclusive colour scheme based on the new Azzurro 70 and Grigio 70 colours. Also new is the personalization of the dark brown saddle with a contrasting beige trim and the Vespa Settantesimo logo.
Its livery is characterized by dedicated graphics on the sides and a name-shield on the hatch of the front boot, while the rims are painted in a special non-standard color. 

The Vespa Settantesimo special series also offers a new boot bag, co-ordinating with the saddle, that can be housed on the rear luggage rack grill coming standard on all the models in this special range.



Inimitable style, engines in line with the most stringent anti-emissions laws and the classic four-speed gear change make the Vespa PX unique and unmistakable.

The aesthetic of its essential and minimalist lines, its functionality and ease of use, the iconic kickstarter, the legendary robustness ensured by the steel body, the reliablity of a simple and indestructible engine, the (habit-forming) possibility to mount a spare wheel: the Vespa PX has kept all the classic strengths that have made it a success for over three decades. You can see more Vespa PX here read more of the history Vespa PX and the Vespa PX specifications