Vespa Sprint Carbon

PT Piaggio Indonesia introduces The Sportiest Vespa Sprint Carbon 2018

PT Piaggio Indonesia introduces the freshest and the sportiest colour version of the Vespa Sprint: Vespa Sprint Carbon. The new colour motive brings a fresh take on the iconic scooter, accentuating its bold and unique proportion. Introduced with limited quantity, the sportiest Vespa Sprint will be the centrepiece during PT Piaggio Indonesia’s signature event Mall to Mall Exhibition, which will be taking place at Pondok Indah Mall 2 from 9 to 15 July 2018.

Vespa Sprint Carbon is the most recent interpretation of the sport version of Vespa. Being heir to a tradition of vitality and youth of Vespa Sprint, the colour version – Sprint Carbon emphasizes the sporty style evoked by its name. It is enriched by advanced technological features such as i-get Engine, ABS – Antilock Braking System in front wheel, Immobilizer and USB port for easy charging of smartphones and electronic devices.

With entire steel body and details in the revolutionary carbon look, characterised by the Rosso Dragon sporty stickers, Vespa Sprint Carbon is the Italian statement with design elegance and sports performance, offering to the Vespa fans riding pleasure, turning everyday journeys into journeys of emotions and experience.

Vespa Sprint Carbon features the signature 12″ rims in black with special red touch, a black elegant muffler, sport single seat and a carbon look front tie. Powered by latest generation 150cc i-get engine with electronic fuel injection, the scooter is engineered for unforgettable riding experience with maximum performance.

After officially launched the scooter in front of media friends, PT Piaggio Indonesia also held a night ride with community in Jakarta and introduce them to the Vespa Sprint Carbon. Now, the Vespa Sprint Carbon is already available in 35 dealer shop across Indonesia and will be offered in limited amount with a price of IDR 42,500,000 (on-the-road Jakarta) and includes 3-year warranty for regular check-up and spare parts.

Jul 2018