Vespa 946 RED

Coming soon to Indonesia

The Vespa 946 RED 2017 limited edition, we are taking orders now…

Setiap tahun, Vespa meluncurkan 946 limited edition collection yang berbeda dengan jumlah terbatas. Tahun 2017 ini, Vespa telah bekerja sama dengan RED untuk luncurkan the Vespa 946 RED limited edition. Kami akan hadirkan unit terbatas ini pada akhir tahun 2017 dengan jumlah yang sangat terbatas, silakan pesan indent dengan Vespark sekarang sebelum kehabisan.

Vespa is proud to be a partner of (RED)®

Red represents the passion we and every (VESPA 946)RED owner has for bringing an end to AIDS. Vespa and (RED)® have partnered to travel together toward a world where no baby is born with HIV. It’s the realization of our first AIDS Free Generation in over 30 years.

A collaboration between Piaggio Group and (RED) has lead to the creation of (VESPA 946)RED, a red-clad Vespa scooter that fights HIV/AIDS with every purchase. Now, anyone who chooses a (VESPA 946)RED proudly joins Piaggio in helping to fight this deadly virus.

(RED) demonstrates the collective power of consumers to fight a preventable, treatable disease — AIDS. Founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006, (RED) was created to deliver a sustainable flow of money from companies to the Global Fund, to further the AIDS fight. It also generates awareness around the disease to keep it on the public agenda. In the ten years since its founding, (RED) has generated more than $360 million for the Global Fund impacting over 70 million people — 100% of that money has gone to finance HIV/AIDS programs on the ground in Africa.

Vespa 946 RED

The (VESPA 946)RED is from the 2017 line of the classic Vespa 946, short for the year in which it was born — 1946. The most exclusive and luxurious model of Vespa, the 946 embodies Italian elegance, aesthetic perfection, and cutting edge technology.

The Vespa 946 represents the evolution of style, complete with the creation of new lines that enhance the elegance of the original design. Artisanal and futuristic at the same time, the Vespa 946 is a symbol of our past modernised by a renovated design, attention to detail, and respect for the environment. The (VESPA 946)RED is the new chapter of a story of beauty, enthusiasm, commitment, and sensitivity. A unique story, just like Vespa.


vespa 946 RED limited edition